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I’m making the “Ask Jessica” service available for those of you who have a burning nutritional question that doesn’t warrant a full consultation.   A few examples of questions I have received so far are below:

Q: Why does Dr. Pepper taste so much better when I’m having a stressful day?

A: Click here to view answer

Q: What are a few examples of easy, high-protein lunches to pack for a vegetarian that is allergic to soy but eats eggs, dairy, and fish?

A: Click here to view answer

Q: Is there anything you can do for a child to prevent negative side effects from vaccinations?

A: Click here to view answer

The service is $15 and provides you with 10 minutes of my undivided attention to research and provide a written answer to your question.  Just think – for the price of a 5-gallon tub of Costco cookie dough, I can tell you specifically why eating half of the tub raw may cause a person to pass out on the couch for 3 hours!

When asking your question, please keep in mind that I am allowing 10 minutes for your answer so a general question such as “What are all the reasons a person could have bad breath?” will only contain what I can provide for you in 10 minutes of writing.  Please also keep in mind that this is not an individualized consultation service so questions asking for  specific and personalized health advice such as “Why do I have diabetes?” will be returned to you (not that I don’t care about your specific needs – it would just be irresponsible for me to answer questions like this through a Q&A service).  I will, however, answer general health-related questions such as “What are some nutritional ways to keep blood sugar under control?” or “What eating habits may lead to diabetes?”

Fill out the form below to submit your question.  Once I accept it, a PayPal invoice will be generated and emailed to you.  When payment is received I will begin working on your question.

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  1. The “Ask Jessica” service is designed to answer nutrition-related questions. Jessica will provide general answers based on her knowledge and expertise.  Answers shall not be interpreted as medical advice.
  2. Jessica Stamm or any member of her staff can not be held responsible for user’s interpretation or implementation of her answers, whatever the outcome.
  3. All correspondence and submissions become the property of Jessica Stamm and may be posted on this website.  That said, Jessica Stamm respects the privacy of those asking questions.  If your question is chosen for posting, in no instance will your name or other personal details be shared. Jessica Stamm reserves the right to edit any questions for obscenity or inflammatory language.
  4. The fee for this service is non-refundable.
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